Social safety


If a calamity occurs, such as transgressive behaviour, an accident or death, our board members will be ready to help you to the best of their abilities. You can also contact the national Scouting assistance team. This team consists of national volunteers ready to advise board members on how to deal with these type of situations. These volunteers are practiced in social work and have a lot of experience with these types of situations. If necessary they can point to appropriate authorities. More information on this national team can be found here. You can also reach out to the national confidential counsellor of Scouting Nederland

Als vereniging hebben wij ook eigen vertrouwenspersonen: Rosanne van der Spek en Rimon Jongejan. Je kunt hen tijdens opkomsten en borrels altijd aanspreken, een appje sturen of een mailtje sturen. Dit kan bij alle bovengenoemde situaties, maar ook als je even je hart wilt luchten. Ook als het niet over de U.F.O.-Stam gaat, staan zij voor je klaar! Zij zijn te bereiken via

Rosanne van der Spek

Code of conduct

The code of conduct gives guidelines on contact with minors. This code of conduct must be reinforced by every member of the U.F.O.-Stam. For this, we use the code of conduct of Scouting Nederland, which you can download here. The code of conduct will be pointed out to all volunteers prior to the start of their volunteer work.

When thinking of children, young people and Scouting, one immediately thinks of games, fun and challenge. Nobody associates these words with transgressive behavior. A mandatory Certificate of Conduct ('VOG') is one of the measure taken up by the U.F.O.-Stam to ensure a safe environment within our organization. The internal rules ('HR') of Scouting Nederland make sure we are able to keep out or dismiss anyone who is not able to provide a Certificate of Conduct or performs transgressive behaviour.