Here you'll find the answers to our most frequently asked questions!
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How do you guys deal with the COVID-restrictions? Do you have physical gatherings? How do you deal with that?

We monitor the situation in the Netherlands very closely. We follow the guidelines from the Dutch government and the guidelines from Scouting Nederland (link in Dutch). De measurements change so quickly that we decided not to put them on our website! The base is that we want to create and facillitate a safe environment for everyone. The most important thing is for everyone to feel safe at our gatherings! However, life without Scouting is not what we want, so if the rules do not allow physical gatherings, our gatherings will be online via Discord! We always stay in touch!

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When are your gatherings?

Our (physical) gatherings are almost always on Tuesdaynight. We start at 19.30 and the activity usualy lasts 2 hours. Afterwards, there's time for drinks with everyone! 

Where are your gatherings?

Our gatherings take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands! Most of the time we gather at the building from Baracuda Seascouts at the Verlengde Hoogravenseweg 25.
You can also find us on Google Maps! If we're not allowed to put together a physical activity due to covid, we'll meet in Discord! Send us a message if you want to join, and we'll send you the link!

I am already a leader at another Scoutsgroup. Can I still join?

Yes, ofcourse! Our gatherings are during the week and therefore it is easy to combine with being a leader at a 'regular' scoutsgroup in the Netherlands since they usualy gather on weekends. A lot of our members are still leaders at home! This leads to exchanges of ideas that you can use with your own youth members! We do organize fun camps a few times a year, those will be on weekends!

I am 17 years old and starting my study. Can i join already or do I need to wait until I'm 18 years old?

You can join already! Becoming a member is possible from the age of 17! You do need to be enrolled in a MBO-, HBO- or WO-institution (secondary education in the Netherlands). We consider PhD-students as students as well.

During drinks we follow the law in the Netherlands and will not give you alcohol until you turn 18. We have alcoholfree drinks and do invite you to stay to chat and have fun!

What costs the membership of the U.F.O.-Stam?

Costs for season 2020-2021 are €65,- per year. You can chose to pay this all at once (yearly) or in two installments (half yearly). If you are not a member of Scouting Netherlands, you need to purchase a membership with them too. The costs for that are approximately €20,- a year. When you will be installed, you can buy a necker (once €8,-) to be fully one of us! Other than that, you can buy our clothing and a beeropener with the logo of our association! More information about the costs are available with the board. 

Are there a lot of commitments? Do I really have to come every week?

Understandably that you'll have questions about this! Of course, preferably you'll be there every week. This is most fun for yourself! However, studying takes time and we understand that!
There's not that many commitments. We ask you to organise a programme for the others once in a while. Luckily, you don't have to do that alone, there will always be someone to do this with you! Other than that, it's all up to you to decide how active you'll be! Just visiting gatherings, join a comittee or become a boardmember!

Do you do hazings?

No! To become a member, you just need to fill in a form! After this you'll be installed and receive the necker of the association. There are no hazing acitvities. From day one, you'll be an equal member of the association! We do have an official installation, but that's mainly a fun way to get to know some people.

How can I get a room in Utrecht?

There are a lot of rooms in Utrecht, but unfortunately also a lot of students wanting to rent a room in Utrecht. Have a look at Facebook-groups such as 'Kamer gezocht in Utrecht', kamersutrecht.nl or the site of the SSH via sshxl.nl
If you become a member, you'll gain a lot of new contact in the city. Regularly, someone is looking for a roommate! Maybe you'll be that fun, nice roommate?

I don't speak Dutch, can I still join?

Yes! Everyone is welcome! Our gatherings are mostly in Dutch, but we are trying to include as many people as posible, however, this is a work in progress. We currently send all our information about gatherings to our members in Dutch and English, since we have international members! If you want more information about this, feel free to shoot a message

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