Our board changes every year. Here you can have a look at the current board, and those who went before them!

Did you know the abbreviation U.F.O. stands for something different each year? The first task of the board is coming up with a nice abbreviation. Have a look at what it meant in the years before.

Board 2021-2022

Ultiem Feestelijke Optimisten

Chair: Yoricke van den Hil

Treasurer: Ruben van den Heuvel

Secretary: Patrick Dekker

General boardmember: Thomas Ploegers

Board 2020-2021

Utopische Fuif Oase

Chair: Lianne Berden

Treasurer: Margot van Oeveren

Secretary: Nelly Kurt

General boardmember: Joke van de Kamp

Board 2019-2020

Utrechtse Fabeltastische Oreo's

Chair: Benjamin Hillebrand

Treasurer: Peter de Gier

Secretary: Thessa van Duinen (until february), Sophie Jansen (from february onwards)

General boardmember: Anne-Jaël Elskamp

Board 2018-2019

Utrechtse Federatie der Oprichting

Chair: Benjamin Hillebrand

Treasurer: Josse Carstens

Secretary: Willem Hulst